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Wire Rope Slings General Information

Wire rope slings are used for their strength, durability, and abrasion resistance.

Care and usage

The two types of rope used in wire rope slings are fiber-core and independent wire rope core (IWRC). SlingMart fabricates their slings using independent wire rope core which is more resistant to harsh environments and has greater resistance to damage. Before selecting a wire rope sling, you must consider how it is being used and if it can withstand abuse, wear, bending without distortion, and its overall strength. Eyes are formed with industry preferred mechanically spliced Molly Flemish eyes. 

  • Determine a sling based on the weight of the load. If in doubt, use a larger capacity wire rope sling.
  • Do not run a sling around sharp corners without corner guards.
  • Do not attach the sling to fittings with diameters smaller than the sling rope diameter.
  • Keep the sling well lubricated to resist corrosion.

Environmental/Chemical Factors

  • IWRC wire rope slings should not be used at temperatures above 400 degrees F or below -40 degrees F.
  • Wire rope slings of all grades should be stored in an area where they will not be damaged by moisture, extreme heat, corrosion, being run-over, or being kinked.
  • Slings should be hung up vertically when not in use.

Reduction Factors



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