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Sling Protection

Increase the life of your sling with sling protectors and wear pads.

Strongest Sling Protection

Metal Mesh Sling Protectors:

This durable metal mesh reinforced sling protector will protect your sling from wear and dirt.

High Strength Composite Sling

Protect your sling from wear with this crush resistant, high strength composite.

Most Popular Sling Protection

Sleeve/Tube Sling Protector:

Sleeves are moveable on your sling so that you are able to adjust them to where extra padding is needed.

Sleeves available in Cordura or Leather.

Wrap Protectors:

Wrap protectors are sewn onto the body of the sling providing extra strength and durability from tears and snags.

Wrap wear pads are available on a Sling Surface or as Edge Guard. 

Sling Protectors
Sling Protectors
Leather Sling Wear Pads