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Bridle Slings

Bridle Slings are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Sling hooks on all assemblies are complete with latches. Lighter in weight than comparable alloy chain or wire rope slings. Not suitable for conditions where temperature exceeds 180° F.

How to read the Specification Chart

Bridle Sling Chart

Web Bridle Slings 1-Leg and 2-Legs

Bridge Slings Specification Chart

Bridle slings can also be ordered with 3 and 4 legs. This chart is a general guideline for capacities for 1 and 2 leg bridle slings and their numbering convention. SOJ and DOJ are not listed in this chart. J-hook capacities depend on the size and diameter of hook. J-hooks have a lower capacity than other hook types.

NOTE: Consult with your SlingMart Sales Representative for properly sizing the master ring.