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Polyester Roundsling Inspection

Polyester roundslings are made from bundles of polyester yarns inside of a 2-ply polyester cover. Unlike a web sling, all of the load bearing part of a roundsling is invisible to your during normal wear. Because you can't see the load bearing part, you may have to judge the sling by its' cover.


Inspection intervals

Initial Inspection -  whenever the sling is initially received.

Frequent Inspection - before each shift or day in normal service.

Periodic Inspection - an inspection done by a qualified and designated person and other than the person who performs the frequent inspections. Periodic inspection intervals should not exceed one year.  Documentation that the most recent periodic inspection was performed shall be maintained.

Removal Criteria*

Following are some things to look for when inspection a roundsling for damage:

  • Abrasion happens when the sling comes in contact with load edges, causing wear on the web fibers.
  • Acid burns are visible due to a burning of the material.
  • Burns are visible due to the darkening of the area that came in contact to either heat or a chemical.
  • Cuts, Tears & Pulls are easy to spot and usually a result of abrasive surfaces, protrusions, or sharp corner edges.
  • Weld Splatter causes the material to burn in a splatter design.

 *Any damage through both plys of covers where the yarn is visible should be removed immediately.