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Chain Mesh Sling Inspection

All of our alloy chain slings are designed for long life under punishing conditions, but they will eventually wear out after extended use. The key is knowing when to replace them, and that is why it’s very important to inspect your slings on a regular basis.


Inspection intervals

Initial Inspection -  whenever the sling is initially received, altered, modified, or repaired.

Frequent Inspection - before each shift or day in normal service.Written records are not required for frequent inspections.

Periodic Inspection - an inspection done by a qualified and designated person and other than the person who performs the frequent inspections. Periodic inspection intervals should not exceed one year. Documentation that the most recent periodic inspection was performed shall be maintained.

The frequency of inspection depends on three important factors:
  1. Sling usage - the more you use a sling, the more you need to inspect it
  2. Working environment - the harsher the conditions, the more often you need to inspect. Check with the manufacturer before using chain slings in a chemically active environment as it may affect the sling.
  3. Sling service life - based on your experience in using slings.

    Removal Criteria

    Following are some things to look for when inspecting a web sling for damage:

    • Excessive wear.
    • Defective welds.
    • Cracks or breaks.
    • Excessive wear, nicks or gouges.
    • Stretched chain links or fittings.
    • Bent, twisted or deformed chain links or fittings.
    • Evidence of heat damage. Chain with have a blueish hue.
    • Excessive pitting or corrosion.
    • Lack of ability of chain or fittings to hinge freely.
    • Evidence of weld splatter.
    • Missing or illegible sling identification.

    Chain Mesh Sling